Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Al Gore and the right wing trolls

Somehow it is inevitable that the subject of Gore brings out the trolls. Never mind that he has eight years of experience in the oval office, never mind he led the streamlining of government in the Clinton administration, never mind he has been spot on about the dangers of global warming, Oh no, he folds under pressure and is too fat to be president.

Six years into a administration that is hopelessly clueless on all matters great and small some people are still arguing that competence is disqualifying for high office. Somehow having a deep understanding of the very complex issue of Global Climate Change makes you a nerdy math and science geek unqualified to be president. We don’t need deep thinkers occupying our highest office; we need yet another man-child who we like to have beer with. We need yet another person who is deeply unqualified and hopeless overmanned at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Just keep those tax breaks to the obscenely rich rolling and ban abortion that’s the ticket.

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