Saturday, April 28, 2007

Alberto and the bad apples or why the Bushies need to be frog marched to the Hague.

Last week the US Congress was all atwitter over the Prosecutors firings. For those who have been living under a rock six U.S. Attorneys were sacked by the Bush administration for what looks like political reasons. Shocking no? This lead to a Senate hearing where Alberto Gonzales the U.S. Attorney General played a helpless baby seal and the Senators played the club-wielding Canadians. Gonzo had very few friends in that hearing and even when some Senators tried to help Alberto just lay there on the ice taking the hits. It’s said in Washington D.C. that if you want a friend, bring a dog. The question is what do you do when even your dog turns on you? That was the A.G.’s position last week.

Now with the Bushies there is always a story behind the story. There is always one more layer to this rancid onion. Peel back the scandal of the prosecutors and behind you see the horror of Abu Ghraib. The link? Well its our old friend Alberto Gonzales. Remember the torture memos? Yes, the memos authored by Mr. Woo and signed by Mr Gonzales. Remember? The Geneva conventions being quaint, water-boarding being ok , torture is ok if the pain is less than organ failure? It was only the largest betrayal of what the U.S.A. stands for since the creation of the Republic.

Now there was a trail of some very low level grunts for what happened at Abu Ghraib. Somehow Corporal Grainer and Sargent Frederick came up with all that abuse all by their little selves. Yes, and don’t forget little Lindy England and her fabulous dog leash act. Yes your honor, they are the guilty ones. No! Don’t look over there, don’t think about how systematic it was, don’t link this to extraordinary rendition and black site prisons. It was only a few bad apples at the very bottom of the pay scale ma’am.

Now if you really believe that, you are either a base fool or a koolaid drinking Neocon crazy which is the same thing. The horror that was Abu Ghraib was set policy decided at the highest levels of the Bush administration. Of course Alberto “long time memory loss” Gonzales doesn’t remember actually reading the memo he signed. Maybe it was like one of those “truth in lending law” documents one has to sign when one purchases a car in California. Who has the time to read every last item on that document?

The thing is even though he may or may not have read the torture memo he is still responsible for it’s content. News flash Alberto, as a high government official you are ultimately responsible for happens in your department during your tenure in office. You, V.P. Dick Cheny, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld and your bestest friend in the whole wide world George W Bush should be brought to account for that memo and thousand other heinous things you did in office. It is now clear why Bush and his happy bunch of pirates did not sign on to the World Court. It wasn’t about protecting the troops, when has Bush EVER been for the troops except as props for a political dog and pony show? No, it was his own sorry backsides the president was trying to protect. That is why Mr Bush and his crew need to be shipped off to the Hague for what they have done.
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