Sunday, July 8, 2007

Graham and McCain Go Rug Shopping Again.

File this one in things that make you go "arrrrrrrrrrrrrgh!!" The dynamic duo of Sen. Lindsey Graham and Sen. John McCain is at it again. McCain, whose presidential campaign is deader than an armadillo run over by a 18 wheeler, is back in Iraq to get some more cheep rugs. Both men are talking up the surge as the best thing since sliced bread.

While the surge may be yielding results, the question is for whom? Ramadi might be peaceful enough for the good Senators to have a quick lunch, but that does not mean the Central Iraqi government (what an oxymoron that is!) is gaining ground? Ramadi is peaceful because it is now in the hands of it's tribal leaders. Iraq is being balkanized in to hundreds of tiny fiefs that owe no allegiance to the Baghdad government.

When will this self-deluding farce end? Do the good senators think us witless fools? How many more mosques have to be blown up? How many dead and tortured bodies dropped on the street will it take? How many more displaced people will it take? How many innocent civilians killed or injured will it take? What is the level of pain that has to be reached before these men finally say "enough?"

We have endured five years of this bogus happy talk, of success being just around the corner. We always seem to be making "great progress" while the situation on the ground deteriorates. We are always turning some corner or other, the promised land is just around the bend. The corner gets turned and what we survey is more death and destruction.

There is only one real change in the meme put out buy supporters of the occupation. The change is that Iraqis are now being set up as the fall guys for our excellent misadventure in Mesopotamia. The Iraqis are "failing to meet benchmarks," the Iraqis are "not reconciling to their difference." and so on. This is last great lie being set up by the Spinmeisters of the Iraq war. The big lie will be that Iraqis are responsible for the failure of the Iraq policy set up by the USA.

"Yes," they meme will go "we gave them our best shot, we help set up a free and democratic Iraq but those Iraqis were not up to the task of maintaining what we gave them." "It's all their fault, they are the incompetent ones not our beloved leader W and his minions at A.E.I."

What is truly disconcerting is that there will be people who will beat this drum loud and long. There will people in the Corporate media hack pack that will broadcast this as gospel. There will be people who will try to prevent an honest accounting of how the power structures in the USA let a bunch of ideologs drive the Country off the cliff. No accounting for the A.E.I. "Scholars" who wrong on every point dealing with the Iraq war. No accounting for the Corporate Media Hack Pack for failing to ask the hard questions about the case for war, for in many cases cheerleading the build-up for war. No accounting for the spineless Democrats that voted for this debacle when they knew better than to trust George W Bush with a military blank check. No accounting for the vicious partisan Republicans who decided to use the war for temporary political gain. No accounting for the yes-men up and down the chain of command who failed make their misgivings public. No accounting for the other so-called "experts" who blovated about what a wonderful idea taking down Saddam would be. Nothing to see here, move along, move along.
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