Sunday, July 8, 2007

How'sThat Surge Goin'

The BBC reports of an increase in sectarian killings in Iraq. While there is an "improvement" since last year there has also been a worsening in the killings since February. All this "happy" news is just in Baghdad. Remember the "surge" was supposed to "secure" Baghdad. So just in Baghdad we are going backwards from February.

Remember gentle reader that we never had the troops to really secure Baghdad in the first place. The surge depended on the Iraq government to chip in manpower too. But there is no government in Iraq. There is no government because there is no civil society in Iraq. There is no independent civil society in Iraq because Saddam made sure he had a choke hold on all of Iraq's institution. The Baath party in Iraq had it's tentacles into everything, into the labor movement, into professional organizations, into civic and religious charities, into all aspects of Iraq's governance. With debaathification, the deliberate purging of Baath party members from government and civic organizations, only the tribes remain as centers of powers. The tribes have zero interest in reforming any type of central authority.

In Al-Anbar province the USA is actually promoting this fracturing by supporting the local tribes, sub tribes and factions with arms. Our new allies are being encouraged to fight the "foreign fighters" of 'Al Qaeda in Iraq." Please note that we can't call these opponents by their proper names, that is 'Saudis.'

Outside of Baghdad, the sectarian killing and general chaos that is Iraq is going full bore. This is despite all the happy talk from the Likud Senator from Connecticut, Mr. Joe Lieberman. Clueless Joe is out on the hustings bleating how everything is going so swimmingly. Just give the administration another six months. We are making progress, just like we were six moths ago, and the six before that, and the six before that, and so on. Once more we are supposed to give this rotten-to-the-core administration six more months of murder and mayhem, to spend billions of dollars of treasure, and to cause countless Iraqi deaths so they can try once again to fix a fundamentally flawed policy. More war without end. But fear not gentle reader, all will be revealed in the magical mystery month of September. Yes, in spectacular September the great prophet Petraeus of the five stars, giver of all knowledge about the Iraqian Mysteries will enlighten us. We humble masses will be shown the true way by the rightly guided Petraeus and we will marvel of his wisdom. Any bets on "hey, it's going great-just give us six more months?"
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