Monday, August 27, 2007

Dispatches from Cloud Cuckoo Land PT2

This post is even scarier. Nuking the Iranians and fighting "Islamic Totalitarianism?" It is a little too easy seeing Mr. John Lewis typing this blog with his pants and underwear past his knees; one hand on the keyboard and the other hand somewhere else.

Please note that this is supposed to be a "serious" discussion by a think-tank author. It plays out more like a contest of how many logical fallacies and shear crazed , foaming-at-the-mouth neocon talking points can one cram into a three page document. Or maybe the contest was "King of the Wingnuts," sort of like King of the Hill but not as much fun.

Read his proposal, he is advocating the nuclear annihilation of Iran to affect regime change. He is advocating a Pax Americana enforced by nuclear terror. He seriously thinks this will gain friends and allies all over the world. One can still hear James Cagney's final line in "White Heat," the line being delivered just before the refinery tower blows up underneath him, "Top of the World Mom!"

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