Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Mad About Mahmoud

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is the gift that keeps on giving. The traditional media can not get enough of this man. He is always good for a quote. “There are no homosexuals in Iran” Really? They guys you hung a few years back, was that a mistake? What happens if the morals police manage to find a few more hiding in the bushes? Oh that’s right they were corrupted by the evil westerners.
Ahmadinejad did get a free pass by most of the traditional media. Scott Pelley was hopeless, totally ham-fisted in his interview. Spewing Bushite talking points like they were gospel he was easy prey for the fox from Tehran. Lee Bollinger, the president of Columbia University, also went way over the top. His “introduction” was more like red meat tossed to the masses. A true defender of free speech would have let Ahmadinejad hang himself with his own words. Lee Bollinger acted like he running for office. Again he played into Ahmadinejad’s hands.
Even Charlie Rose trotted out Bushite lies about Iran’s ties to EFP’s. At best Iran is responsible for 8% of US casualties. The Sunni-Baathist insurgency has responsibility for the other 92%. Guess who is bankrolling the Sunnis, not Iran that is for sure they are Shia. Let’s see which nation in the area is Sunni and has money to burn, I wonder.
But the propaganda machine is going full tilt against Ahmadinejad. He is the source of all evil today: from the deaths of our troopers in Iraq to the heartbreak of psoriasis it is all Mahmoud all the time. All the better to set up Cheney’s plan to bomb over two thousand sites in Iran. Cheney wants to finish the job in the Middle East. Remember the PNAC hit list was Iraq, Iran, and Syria. Got to get at least two of the three done before Cheney lays down his scepter in January of 2009.

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