Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Why am I not Surprised?

Harry Shearer

Harry Shearer via Huffington Post

The argument has raged in New Orleans since the flooding: HUD, the federal agency which runs the city's public housing (don't ask), has insisted on demolishing the existing housing projects, even the ones undamaged by the floods, because the feds claim to want a new model of mixed affordable and market-rate housing. Advocates for public housing have pointed out that many of the units are undamaged and could, if opened, help to solve the continuing crisis in affordable rental housing in New Orleans.
Today, the T-P reports, the Feds dropped the other shoe: the Bush administration, and its hooker-loving loyalist Sen David Vitter, came out against a provision that would mandate a one-to-one replacement policy for affordable housing units. That is, the provision would have required the feds to replace a demolished public housing apartment with either another unit, or a cash voucher (I thought conservatives liked vouchers) so that the number of affordable housing units in the city was not diminished. The Bush admiinistration and Vitter now oppose that provision.
Why do the words "class warfare" only enter the political discourse when the Republicans oppose actions which would disadvantage the advantaged? Why don't Democrats call this position what it is, a different kind of war on poverty, by depriving poor people of places to live?


G.W. really does hate poor people, especially if they are black. What vile people these Bushites are. What cowards we are for not putting an end to this. Nothing to see here, just poor black folk getting screwed again in NOLA, move along, move along.

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