Friday, October 5, 2007

Fundies loosing traction?

The Christian Crazies may have peaked. They were revealed in all their tin-foil-hatter glory during the Terri Schiavo affair. People had good hard look at the retched excesses of the “Family Values” crowd and did not like what they saw. Then there was the Ted Haggard kerfuffle. That left a very foul taste in the mouths of the unwashed masses.

Not that the leading lights of the Christian Authoritarians are not going down without a fight. They still have a death grip on the Republican Party. We witnessed the lesser lights of the Republican Party kow-towing to one section of the Moron Minority just a few weeks ago. Remember the “Debate” that featured a choir singing “Why should God bless America?” The “Debate” that also featured some minister spewing an incomprehensible prayer? If you missed that little doozy you were very lucky.

That South Carolina “Debate” was put on by the second tier of the Fundies. The big hitters will have a “Debate’ later in the year. Maybe the top tier of Republicans will show up for the A-list Fundies.

Even if they do, all that accomplishes is that they further alienate the 80% of Americans who are not waiting on the rapture. The smarter Republicans are deeply worried about 2008. They know if they get tagged with guilt-by-association with Fundies they loose every part of the USA except the Deep South. Can you say “permanent minority party?” Can you say “hopelessly lost in the political wilderness?”

This does present a challenge though. As the rest of the nation turns away from them the Fundies may get violent. The rise in Antisemitism and racism may be a sign of Fundies anger of the unwashed masses “turning away from God.” People who are seen as the “other” Jews, Muslims, LGTBs, Agnostics and free thinkers might have to keep their powder dry. As the Fundies have insinuated themselves deeply in to the Military, defenders of free thought are going to have to be vigilant. It could get very dicey.

We are still in a very dangerous time. America still sleeps. It is letting a deeply evil administration have its way with torture, lawlessness, and war. But the Giant that is America is restless, the common folk are deeply angry with business as usual. They are sick to death of “Moral Leaders” telling them what to do. They are sick to death of hypocrite preachers who screech against homosexuals and then pop off for a meth-fueled session of man-on-man action with a male prostitute. They are sick to death of “family value” Senators who have long-term affairs with hookers. They know, deep in their hearts, that Jesus’ message was about comforting the afflicted and afflicting the comfortable. They want a return to the Golden Rule.

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