Monday, November 19, 2007

Be Afraid, Be very Afraid.

The Washington Post is trumpeting the latest spin of the Bushies about how things are looking up for the administration. Let us for a minute curb our anger at the folks trying to feed us this happy horses**t propaganda and focus on the real terror that they might actually think that things are improving.

Let us take a trip down memory lane and see what happened all the other times that we were told that Bush could not sink any lower in his countryman's regard. What happened is he found new and more ghastly ways to screw up. Never underestimate the ability for Shrub to dig a bigger, deeper and more messed up hole.

God help us if Bush and Dick Cheney actually start believing their own spin. You know that will be an excuse for the Dark Lord of the Sith to whisper in to the Dumbcider's ,sorry Decider's, ear and say "everything is a go to invade Iran." Bush will think that a great idea since Iraq is stable and the Surge has worked. With Iraq "peaceful" and his approval "up" he may think that he has some capital to spend.

Never under underestimate W's ability for self delusion; in his maddening belief that history will prove him right. We have seen this story before, we have seen the Bush can't sink any lower meme previously. The thing is Shrub always finds a way to set the bar lower in the popularity limbo. What will happen to us this time? How will incurious George manage to sink even lower in the polls? Think of that Gentle reader and try to sleep well tonight.
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