Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Musings on Hillary

Hillary is clearly independent and chooses to rely on her own counsel. Ordinarily that is a good thing, except in this case there is a track record of being wrong on major issues. Poor judgment and independence don't work well when you are the one who sets the mission and determines whether to use military force.

Like why would Hillary say she would have Colin Powell in her cabinet when he clearly was wrong on the WMD issue and sold it to the American public? Poor judgment and the inability to see that is a big problem and that Powell no longer has political influence when it comes to the war. Powell's judgment is just as suspect as Hillary even if he did have his heart in the right place, when it came time to take a stand he stood down and let the American public astray based on the orders of his Commander in Chief.

Hillary may believe her candidacy is inevitable but the voters will help her see how that is just poor judgment again, on her part just like the vote to go to war on the wrong battlefield without a exit plan was in '02.

Hillary didn't consider an exit plan because she knew America was going to 'win'. Just like she does not consider her losing now and simply focuses on the certainty of being the nominee.

Her supporters though see nothing wrong with that and what it means in terms of American domestic as well as foreign policy.

Utterly frightening.
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