Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Obama's Dear In The Headlight Moment

By Susan UnPC

Further to the point that Obama lacks the seasoning and the smarts to be President, please watch Obama turn in a Bush-esque performance, brought to us originally courtesy of Taylor Marsh. We are talking moron territory here, people. Obama cannot provide a clear, cogent answer to why he declined to vote in favor of allowing sexual abuse victims to have their court records sealed and their privacy protected. My god, folks. Can we afford another dummy in the White House?

There’s NO excuse for Obama’s deer-in-the-headlights expression. Imagine what Karl Rove will do with that. It’d turn into Democrats’ worst nightmare in a general election. Notes Taylor Marsh, radio host: “Mr. Obama was the only Illinois state senator to not vote in favor of allowing victims of sexual abuse to have court records sealed to protect their privacy. Explain that one. Unfortunately, he can’t, because, frankly, nobody could. … People are starting to wake up and smell the coming onslaught. … Better late than never, as my mama always said.”

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