Monday, December 3, 2007

On Biden's Threat of Impeachment.

Joe Biden doesn't matter, the only persons who matters in a discussion of impeachment are Nancy Pelosi and Steny Hoyer. If those two Congresspersons came out and said what Biden said, then, progressives would have cause to celebrate. That would be a real shot across the bow, a real statement of intent.

Biden is tossing red meat to the progressive base, there is no indication that he is doing any heavy lifting to make his threat reality.

Most visitors to this blog site understand the grave violations of the law and the perversions of our core principals that Bush and Cheney have perpetrated. The whole Criminal Enterprise that is the Bush Administration should be doing time in the Hague right now, not running the country.

Even if you believe the lie that Islam is a gutter religion that means us grave harm, even it you believe our opponents to be utterly without scruples that is no reason to act like an animal yourself. The law is what separates civilized human beings from the barbarians. If you loose the law, you loose the war even if you win all the battles.

Thanks to our excellent misadventure in Iraq, we stand a good chance of loosing the battle and the war. Afghanistan is poised to slip off the precipice, there is no political solution or agreement in Iraq and no prospects of any movement towards those goals anytime soon. The surge is ending because we have run out of troops, 5,000 troopers are leaving without replacement. The military is in same shape it was in the Carter years, that is to say bad. We are in a world of hurt.

If GWB really was a CEO the shareholders would have long ago sent him packing. Even Enron wasn't run as bad as the Bush White House. It is has been the ever-shrinking end game in Iraq. From a stable guiding light of Democracy, an Oasis of freedom and free enterprise in the Middle East, the measure of "success" in Iraq has steadily declined. Our new goal is a huge stepdown from the vision first offered by the PNAC crowd. We now work for cooperation without reconciliation. We are happy if the Iraqis stop killing each other, we will allow the dissolution of the country as long as each of the many sides stay in their prospective corners. It as if Steve Jobs promise of a radical rethink of the cell phone had not turned out to be the iPhone but two very rusty, dented tin cans and the promise of a bit of string later.

Unfortunately there is always a company flack willing to dress up a pig in a tutu and call it a prima ballerina. Unfortunately there are always fools willing to fall for such a ruse. These people are even more willing to spout non-sense when they have no skin in the game.

Unfortunately, there are so many people who don't have any skin in the game. That is the real reason that W has been allowed continue on his trail of death and destruction. Most of the harm in Iraq has been done to the Iraqis. The harm to our military men has been minimized by our tactics and by a relentless santization campaign run by the administration which is aided and abetted by the corporate media. Casualties for our soldiers have been under-reported by the Pentagon. Casualties for Iraqi citizens have been totally ignored, we can only guess at the carnage because the Pentagon refuses to count the numbers of Iraqi dead and injured.

Because this remains mostly hidden, we can ignore the depth and breath of the chaos we have visited on the peoples of the two rivers. Because it remains mostly hidden people are not angry enough to demand Bush and Cheney's heads. Will it really take the epic disaster that attacking Iran will entail for the US to finally get smart about Bush et al? Can we somehow buy the American people a vowel?
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