Monday, January 14, 2008

Democrat For A Day

By SusanUnPC on January 14, 2008
Here in Nevada Barack Obama has put out a flyer reading, in part, “You Can Be A Democrat for A Day,” reports Taylor Marsh. who lives and broadcasts in Las Vegas. [UPDATE: Obama’s campaign is doing this nationwide. Here’s an official Florida Obama campaign release on how to be a “Democrat for a Day.”] Then there’s the manipulation by Obama-ite leaders of the Culinary Workers Local 226 in Nevada that forced Obama on union members (more below). (Let’s not forget that Obama dissed unions as “special interests” — that is, when they supported his rivals John Edwards and Hillary Clinton.)

So THIS is Chicago-style politics! Barack Obama, stung by his New Hampshire loss, promised a “Chicago-style smackdown,” and he’s delivered. Beyond this shocking invitation to let Republicans invade Democratic caucuses, there’s the disturbing prospect that Republicans — knowing that Obama will be the easiest Democratic nominee to defeat in the general election — will do just that. Gleefully! God almighty. Is Karl Rove advising the Obama campaign now, beyond the pages of the Wall Street Journal? Don’t forget Larry Johnson’s warnings in “Why Are the Rightwing Republicans Hyping Obama?” — which should be re-read by every true Democrat.

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