Tuesday, January 8, 2008

HRC in full Tarzan Yell

No candidate has gotten as hammered by the press like HRC. Not even Edwards has gotten as raw a deal- and Faux Noise has been baying at him since he scuppered their little "debate" way back when. Now HRC has had problems with the progressive wing of the Democratic Party but it was the slagging of her by the Corporate media that did major damage. Not that she did not fall on her sword a few times-- She stuck up for her NY boy and his dumb-ass divers license idea when she should have tossed him to the sharks. But Mr Hope didn't field that question too smartly either. Hillary got slagged because she tried to defend Elliot Spitzer ; Obama got a free pass despite his incoherent answer to the same question.

Part of this is just plain old Clinton bashing--the press hates both the Clintons; but the other part of it is that the press really hates Hillary as a non-traditional women.

In this election there is no compare and contrast as HRC is the only Woman running. The Republicans are only allowing old white men to run. Ok, there is Allan Keys but he is just cuckoo for cocoa puffs and not a serious candidate. He is the Republican answer to Dennis Kucinich (exactly what the question is has been left to better minds than mine to figure out.) In this election there is no Libby Dole to counter HRC on the right or Barbara Boxer on the left no to counter HRC either. It's been HRC vs the Heman-Women-Haters-Club for at least the last two years. They hate her for sticking to Bill, for being Bill's wife and for not baking cookies like Laura Bush does. She has is hated because she is political and has a mind of her own. Now I'm not going to loose too much sleep over her crashing and burning. She just reminded me why I did not support her candidacy with this little doozy:

http://www.boston.com/news/ polit...on_heighte.html
But that has everything to do with her channeling Joe Lieberman and being dead wrong on the two I's Iran and Iraq not her sex. It's her failure of nerve and her triangulating that irritate me no end. But I'm not stupid enough to think that is why most people reject her. Even this current low is HRC showing the world that despite being a girly-girl she can be tough; that she can be strong. Once again she is trying to prove her knuckle-dragging Bone Fides. This is HRC in full Tarzan yell. Why? To counter all that chatter about being a weak and weepy woman. Even now she has prove that she is big an brawny enough to lead the country
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