Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Just shoot me- TM on Obama

Obama Loved Ohio '04 and Backed the Class Action Fairness Act
By Taylor Marsh

Just shoot me.

But first we get the laugh line of the primary, learning that he's got the backing of the outer space contingent. Kucinich backing Obama. Oh my God, really. If you couple this with the independents also backing him all I can say is that at this point Democrats are working at making quite a spectacle of things. Seriously, independents and Dennis Kucinich picking our nominee? The Elders should call off their meeting with Michael Bloomberg to talk about an independent run at the presidency because it's not necessary. Obama's already doing that, disguised as a Democrat. But the Kucinich development should come with a laugh track. But none of this is funny.

It's particular serious when someone like Mr. Obama wants to lead our party as president, then learning that he didn't even have the spine for the fight in Ohio in 2004. John Kerry rightly came under a lot of criticism for that one, with Edwards even admitting he wanted to fight. I talked to Kerry off the record about it late last year, because of my own frustrations over Ohio, a decision I never will understand. Well, it seems Obama is yet another Democratic party personality that thinks fighting for every vote is somehow petty.

In Washington, Obama signaled almost immediately that his career would not be defined by his race. One of the first acts of the new Congress was to certify the results of the Electoral College. Some members of the Congressional Black Caucus moved to contest the certification of the Ohio votes. Obama did not join them. In a hastily arranged maiden speech, he said he was convinced that President George W. Bush had won but he also urged Congress to address the need for voting reform.

A member of a new generation, Obama walks a fine line

Reminiscent of all those times he ducks out on votes or prefers to render "present" instead of taking a stand. Cowardice under cover, but still abject cowardice.

But the hits just keep on comin', in the form of tips in my inbox.

Take just one of the tips I got earlier Sunday, with a link to a DailyKos diary, with other links attached. First, remember what Mr. Obama just said about John Edwards, you know, throwing out the "trial lawyer" adjective, which he actually meant as an insult? Via California Joe, who is a class action lawyer:

Obama may as well dropped the N-word on me. My job each day is to enforce laws that protect people against big corporations. Obama's rhetoric is right out of the American Enterprise Institute. That's right, while AEI's job #1 is mongering wars, job #2 is attacking us "trial lawyers."

Among other things, the AEI and its wingnut welfare allies bankroll two astroturf blogs that do nothing but attack progressive lawyers. They are and Obama has once again joined these corporate goons. ... ..

... .. Specifically, Barack Obama voted for the Orwellian-named "Class Action Fairness Act" or "CAFA." This law gravely harmed small businesses and middle class consumers. Zero members of the Democratic coalition favored it Unions, civil rights and consumer groups, and public employees opposed it. CAFA, by contrast, was supported by Bush, Lott, McCain, Santorum, George Allen, Bill Frist, Joe Lieberman, Conrad Burns, Grover Norquist, Mel Martinez, the credit card industry, the oil companies, and the big insurance companies. Barack Obama took their side, not ours.

Opposing CAFA in the Senate was the core of the Democratic Caucus, including Feingold, Kennedy, Kerry, Reid, Durban, Leahy, Boxer, Wyden, Harkin, Clinton, Biden, Sarbanes, Corzine, Stabenow, Dorgan, Murray, and Lautenberg.

Opposing CAFA from outside of the Senate were Bill Clinton and John Edwards. President Clinton vetoed similar legislation in 1995. ... ..

If you don't know much about CAFA, you're not alone. Via

The Erin Brockoviches of America may have a much tougher time going after polluters now that the Class Action Fairness Act is speeding through Congress toward President Bush's desk.

The bill, a long-standing priority of the Bush administration and its corporate contributors, passed in the Senate on Thursday and is expected to sail through the House next week. It will move most major class-action lawsuits from state courts to federal courts, purportedly in an attempt to bring about order and fairness in America's judicial system. Proponents of the bill claim that the current system allows plaintiffs' attorneys to seek out local courts with agreeable track records on rulings and negotiate settlement awards for victims that are inconsistent from state to state. ... ..

Erin Brockovich, drop dead

Joining Joe Lieberman, Barack Obama voted for this bill. So when things got hot last week, no wonder he spat the "trial lawyer" line at John Edwards. A man who's actually fought for people, acting as their giant slayer.

As for Hillary Clinton, she voted against CAFA.

That's because she's actually a Democrat; you know, with an ideology and principles that have something to do with why we fight these battles.

But as has been shown time and again, Mr. Obama talks a lot about standing up, but when it's time to fight he ducks, votes "present," or compromises by siding with Republicans. Are you getting the picture yet?
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