Friday, February 15, 2008

An Apology to Mike Malloy.

Several years back Mike Malloy went on a tear about Daily KOS. Anyone who has listened to Mr. Malloy for any time will not be too terribly shocked by that statement. While he claims to be a “truth seeker” Malloy is more like primal scream therapy if the truth be told. It is an odd night if Mike hasn’t launched into a screed before the first commercial break. On the particular night in question Malloy got worked up within the first two or so minutes. Daily KOS had put a blanket ban on “9/11 truth seekers” banishing them from his website in perpetuity. At the time I was not all that impressed by Malloy’s ire.

The whole “9/11 truth seeker” community was a disturbing collection of whack-jobs and oddballs with nutso ideas about a overarching government conspiracy that was the “real story behind 9/11” Theirs was the ludicrous story of the all-singing, all-dancing, conspiracy-without-end-amen. Never mind that saner minds like the Loizeauxs who actually made a living blowing up buildings said flat-out that the WTC towers were not imploded period, never mind by some secret squirrel operation by the US government. Malloy and others on Air America especially Randi Rhodes were filling up air-time day after day with cuckoo-for-cocoa puffs conspiracy theories.

What the “truth seekers” lacked in logic they more than made up in passion. They are still out there proposing all sorts of loony-tune theories that are only a small step away from a free nights stay in a rubber-padded room. In short they are and were pests, trolls, irritants, and most importantly embarrassments. It made it hard to push the real story of a real conspiracy, the selling of the illegal and immoral Iraq war , with those yahoos going on, and on, and on with their quarter-baked notions. All anyone had to do to discredit the left was point to the fruit-loop crowd pushing the 9/11 “truth.”

Silly me I was actually happy to see the back of the “truth seekers,” good riddance to bad rubbish and all that. Flash forward to the present day and Mr.

Markos Moulitsas and his limitations on what went on “his blog.” Markos was acting like a petty tin-pot dictator and that should not have been allowed. He deserved all the derision and scorn that you heaped on him long, long ago. I forgot that the jack-booted thugs always go for the weakest amongst us before they show their true colors. Mea Culpa, Mea Culpa, Mea Maxima Culpa.

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