Friday, February 29, 2008

Senator Hope Kicks The LGBT Comunity To The Curb--Again

"Barack Obama is said to have declined to have his picture taken in San Francisco with Newsom, who was then at the center of a national uproar over his decision to allow same-sex marriage in San Francisco.

"I gave a fundraiser, at his (Obama's) request at the Waterfront restaurant," said former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown. "And he said to me, he would really appreciate it if he didn't get his photo taken with my mayor. He said he would really not like to have his picture taken with Gavin."

(from the SF Chronicle) cf. The Advocate cf. the pesky gnat in Obama's ear and website Obmaphiles love to hate No Quarter. Update as of 7:21pm Pacific Standard Time Taylor Marsh has joined the usual gang of suspects!


SusanUnPC is gracious enough to compare and contrast Obama's stance on LGBT issues vs Hillary's so with that base being covered the task at hand is to highlight Obama's rank hypocrisies on this issue. Shall we begin?

First off there is the love the sinners’ money hate the sin aspect of the Chronicle's story. One can Toss Obama the green but please do not show up with the Chocolate Messiah in dignified company. Please exit via the kitchen were you came in. If any other Democratic candidate behaved so badly to the LGBT community he or she would be excoriated. But the latte-sipping, chattering class, pseudo-progressive, oh-so-trendy, creative class that is the very core of Barack's support has no problem with this crappy behavior by Senator Hope. They kept mum even when Saint Barack went to South Carolina with his gay-bashing minstrel show lead by "Ex-Gay" cuckoo-for-cocoa puffs "minister" and Gospel singer Donny McClerkin. He had to keep those bible-beating bigots in the Black Church happy. He had to pander to the godly, churched folks who are the gate-keepers to the African American vote. He had to lock up that constituency by pandering to their base emotions and false accusations of Clintonian racism.

Why are people still not getting the memo? Barack Obama is just another politician. He is just another go-along-to-get-along hack with a great stump speech. This is just another Republican-lite, DLC operator. Exactly why are "progressives" allowing Obama to treat the LGBT community like Log Cabin Republicans? At least there is a perverse logic to "mainstream Republican" (god, what an oxymoron that is) rejection of LGBT issues and the crass way they treat the Log Cabin group. The Republican Party is totally in the tank to the Christian Crazies, it has become the party of theocracy. But why is a "progressive" like Barack treating a solid mainstream Bay Area Democrat (yes, another oxymoron) like a leper? Why does he get a pass on this by the Moron Media? So far only the local paper and the usual suspects have bothered to mention this item. The rest of the Media must be too busy fluffing Barack's pillow or sucking on his toes to notice this issue.

Again this speaks to character, or lack of same. Not that the other candidates have covered themselves in glory. Until SusanUnPC rebroadcast the Clinton press release I was unaware of Clinton's stands. What leadership she has shown has been a very behind the curtain type of leadership. John Edwards, the former third wheel of the primary process did not exactly cover himself in glory either. Hard to say whether his position was heartfelt or he was pandering to his blue-collar base.

Thanks to George W, I always assume that an appeal to religious values is a Rovian McGuffin , a way to throw red meat at the loony-tune bigots of the "traditional values" crowd. Edward's positions smacked of Clintonian Triangulation. Maybe Kucinich or Gravel was better in their LGBT positions. That is really no never mind, because, well, they are Kucinich and Gravel and can be pure as the driven snow. Not having a snowballs chance in Hades to win the nomination can be a very liberating situation. You get to speak from the heart.

Obama on the other hand shows a Machiavellian calculation in his dealings with the LGBT community. His very skin-tone and background story helps sell his meme that he too knows what it means to be a despised minority. Barack's blackness helps sell the idea of his sympathy to the underdogs in society. His blackness also helps him to perform daring acts of political judo; call him out and run the risk of getting tagged as a racist. Thus he gets only the mildest of rebukes for actions that would flame-broil other Democrats. If Clinton had a run the same old-time-gay-bashing gospel hour that Barack did, she would have rightly gotten her head handed to her by not only the LGBT community but most of the progressive wing of the Democratic party. Not that there was not a little Strum and Drang with McClerkin but it barely lasted two news cycles. Imagine the hurricane of invective if Hillary had gallivanted all over the south with an "Ex-Gay" "minister" / self-hater like Dumb-ass Donnie.

Maybe it is me but is there anyone else out there that gets creeped out by Barack's hyper-Christianity? Listening to the man I feel like I'm listening to George W. in black-face. The FReepers have had a field day pointing out the "interesting" views held by the church he attended in Chicago. What concerns me is how that church's message is shot trough-and-through with the worst kind of bigotry and illogic. Exactly why do we want yet another religious ideologue in the White House? Exactly why is Senator Hope allowed to arrogantly talk out both sides of his mouth again? He gets to both speak in bromides of unity while pandering to the worst kind of narrow-minded bigots just because they share a similar skin tone.

No wonder Obama can smile and smirk his way though debates with HRC; he knows he can play a staggering majority of the Progressive base for fools. He knows he can kick a whole section of the population to the curb, he can ignore their appeals for fairness and justice, and pander to the baser instincts of the majority. It is pretty appalling for a man who wants to put on the mantle of such civil right stalwarts as Dr. Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy. However, this is very typical of a Chicago-style political hack. This is very typical of Obama's "appeal to everyone, offend no one" style of "leadership." Obamabots slag Clinton for being soulless automaton willing to do anything, say anything, an old-style, crass, inartful, political hack who's only goal is to win at any cost. Take out the inartful and we have a match to Senator Hope; once again the Obamaphils are Xeroxing an item from the Republican play-book; it's called projection.

The fan guys and fan girls of Mr. Hope goes to Washington are projecting Obama's faults right on to Clinton. Unfortunately the charges stick because Hillary does have the odor hackery about her. She has been too guarded and too controlling, she has had a tin ear to the electorate ever since started her "listening tour." Barack on the other hand has been wildly successful in delivering his non-message of hope and unity to the electorate. The Moron Media, deeply in love with Obama's "story" and his charisma has aided and abetted Obama's vapor-ware campaign. Only rarely has the members of the fourth estate even feebly tried to part the curtain and see the real man pulling all the levers.

Take a good hard look at the Chronicle story again; notice the by-line of January 28, 2008? Why the hell was this story not all over at least the California papers prior to Super Tuesday? Why is it now only coming out on the fringes of the Blog World? Again how is this story of politics-as-usual by Barack only now seeing the light of day? Why does it take admitted Hillary partisans like No Quarter and Taylor Marsh to bring these things out? Why is only the Gay friendly site like the Advocate making noise and only once? Why no follow up until now? When Obama got accused of Anti-Semitism because of his (possibly very weak) links to Louis Farrakhan and NOI he was out the next day declaiming how much he loves the Jewish people and the nation of Israel. When do you think our Constitutional law professor will come out for the fourth amendment and equal protection for LGBT; when will he make a principled stand on same-sex marriage? When do you think the Moron Media will call him out on his silence?

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