Thursday, February 21, 2008

It's Official

UK admits to rendition flights

David Miliband, the British foreign minister, has admitted two planes from the United States carrying terrorism suspects refuelled on the British island of Diego Garcia in 2002, contradicting earlier denials by the government.

Previously the government had insisted it was unaware of any British territory being used to transfer terrorism suspects outside normal extradition procedures prior to George Bush, the US president, taking office.

Washington has already admitted to using the practice known as "rendition".

More at the NeoCons most favorite news site Al Jazeera

This is still a long way from claims that prisoners are being held on the Island. The claims are beloved of the tin-foil-hatters and CT fanboys and fangirls. Any one who has actually served on Diego Garcia will tell you that those claims are ridiculous. The bit about holding prisoners on ships in the lagoon is especially cuckoo-for-cocoa puffs. Check out the webpage also check this out and look at the ships in question (called ro-ros) these are contracted civilian and US Navy Sealift command ships who's main function is to carry equipment, they have no facilities for even holding drunken mariners / sailors, never mind terrorist prisoners. There are no floating brigs in the US Navy inventory not even as auxiliaries or as contracted civilian ships. There is a local Navy Brig / jail on Diego but it mainly houses ill-behaved mariners and contract workers. As such most detainees do not stay long in the jail. Diego does have a British Magistrate and he is responsible to his superiors who run the legal entity known as the British Indian Ocean Territory. There is no way the Magistrate is going to violate the laws and traditions of Great Brittan by having people tortured on his island.

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