Friday, March 14, 2008

Asleep In The Pew.

Maybe Barack was sleeping when Reverend Wright was preaching. His election campaign was definitely caught napping. The whole Trinity United Church of Christ of Chicago affair has caught the normally sharp Obama campaign flat-footed. They are spinning this one badly.

Call this the revenge of SC. Obama was too clever by a half there. He did his all grits review and shamelessly pandered to his base. He stopped being transformatively bi-racial and became black. By doing so he crushed the Clinton's in the black vote in SC. Flash forward to Miss where he got 90% of the black vote and less than a quarter of the white.

Make no mistake about what is happening here; Obama is slowly becoming the black candidate. He is no longer the candidate that happens to be black (or bi-racial or what ever.) Thanks to the Wright sermons and Obama's 20 year association with Wright's church Obama is now in a bad place.

He can denounce or condemn or repudiate but he can't separate himself from that church or its former minister. Obama has already stated that he will not leave Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago. This is the same church that showed some deep love and affection for Louis Farrakhan by giving him an award. Ten out of Ten points for loyalty; minus a million for political after effect. Not that there is much he can do about it now, that church is now a political sinkhole. The only question now is how much political good will and momentum gets sucked up by its ever expanding margins.

It speaks to Obama's arrogance he failed to put out this fire earlier, that hes still trying talk his way around it. Granted the info was out there on Fox for next to forever without the Moron Media taking a look at it. Only now that Obama is the front runner do these kinds of skeletons come dancing out of the closet. Hell of a time for buyers remorse.

Obama is not sleeping any more, he is on a full scale media blitz to explain his involvement in Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago. Thanks to all those DVD' the good Reverend Wright distributed (and all that fabulous content on the web) Obama has got a lot of explaining to do. Not that it will do all that much good.. Exactly how do you spin "I denounce the opinions of a minister that I had a twenty year relationship with and who's former church I still attend?"

What about that church? Do you really expect a church whose motto is "unashamedly black and unapologetically Christian" to really mellow out and calm down? Not likely. Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago will remain an institution with some "interesting" ideas.

This would be less of a problem if Obama had some history behind him. But on the national stage he has zip. There is nothing in his Senate record that helps him there. He can't point to anything that is a counterpoint to Wrights radicalism. Obama is finding out that when you run as a blank slate, you are not the only person who can control what's written there. The graffiti of "crack pot religionist" has now been spray painted on the formally pristine marble edifice that is Barack Obama. And yes the Republicans will exploit the Farrakhan angle for all its worth. Remember he is " Barack Hussein Obama" to the wing nut crowd. They are going to link this to the silliness over the pledge and to the lapel-pin non issue, they will mix in Michelle's foot-in-mouth comment to make a toxic brew. Wrights "God Damn America" sermon is manna from heaven for the right-wing slime machine. They are going to run clips of that ad nauseum projectillum. Obama just handed the Republicans the patriotism card on a silver platter.
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