Thursday, April 24, 2008

Broken Government and Why McCain Won’t Fix It.

John Dean wrote about how our Federal Government no longer functions. In his book Broken Government he put the blame squarely on movement conservatism and its effect on the Republican Party.

Simply put Republicans can not govern because they do not believe in government. They follow the lead of Ronald Reagan who said that government can not solve problems, government is the problem. While a pithy campaign slogan it is a poor philosophy of governance. This contempt for government directly leads to crony government with its attendant mis and malfeasance.

While Regan started the corrupt practice of government by corporate lobbyists George W Bush has put the program on steroids. Outsourcing and privatization has gotten so out of hand that we are now using paid mercenaries to support our war aims in Iraq. Accountability has gone out the window.

With corporate hacks using the government to enrich their private interests our citizen drown in places like New Orleans. While energy companies rake in obscene profits, our roads and bridges collapse before our very eyes. The Grover Norquist ideologues then use their own incompetence to justify further dismantling of the public space and increase of the private realm. Despite all evidence to the contrary they insist that private for-profit solutions work better than public non-profit ones.

The definition of insanity is to keep doing the same thing and expect different results. By this definition John McCain is certifiable gonzo. He is a true believer; he is a Goldwater Republican. He has marched in lock step with his Arizona predecessor. Even his “maverick” position on the environment is a carbon copy of Barry’s. Peel back the hype provided by the Senator and his besotted press corps admirers and you will find a rigid, true believing ideologue of the George W Bush variety.

McCain will have no problem with continuing George W Bush’s imperial presidency. He will continue the lawlessness, the torture, the contempt for the other branches. McCain will continue to sell out the public good to private connected individuals. If you love the Halliburton no-bid government we operate under now you are going to be ecstatic in a McCain administration. If you love the unitary executive with its expansive, unaccountable, authoritarian power; John McCain is the man for your brown-shirted lusts.

If however you believe in public solutions vice private profit; if you believe in we the people not me the wealthy fat cat; if you believe that we are all in this together; then the Democratic candidate is your only choice. John Dean, a life long conservative Republican has already put out the message; voting for the Republican Party in its present construction is not an option. Republicans can not be trusted with power, they can not govern. John McCain can not be trusted with power, he can not govern. John McCain is not an option if you want a president who is accountable to we the people. John McCain is not an option if you really want this country to return to its founding principles. John McCain is not an option-period.

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