Sunday, April 27, 2008

Courting Disaster With McCain.

In the current Donnybrook that is the Democratic Parties nomination process more and more people are threatening to storm off and vote McCain if their gal or guy does not get the nod. It is time to take a deep breath, step back, and think strategically people.

The next president will most likely nominate three or four Supreme Court justices. Not only that he or she will also nominate lower court justices too. Too many people forget about those back benchers.
Ever since Regan our courts have slowly skewed right. Regan then George Bush the elder started selecting big business, big government anti-democratic justices. Bush Jr. accelerated the trend by bringing in radical right wing ideologues into the courts. Thanks to such mental giants as Fat Tony Scalia and Clarence Thomas social justice and fair play are now under grave threat.

Before the Warren Court the Supreme Court was a bulwark of the status quo. They tried to scuttle the progressive income tax, the New Deal, the 40 hour work week, and other progressive legislation. They twice succumbed to rampant racism in the Dread Scott decision and then to Plessy Vs Ferguson. In the first they defended “property rights” over human rights. In the second they once again denied the basic humanity of a group of people solely on skin tone. Before Warren the Supremes were deeply Conservative; quite possibly reactionaries.

Once again we see the rise of reactionary Conservatism in the judiciary. Once again we see the courts being used to afflict the powerless and support the powerful. Once again we see the courts being used as a prop for the robber barons.

If McCain is elected, the rightward process will continue. Kiss a woman’s right to control her own body good by. Kiss your right to be secure in your own home good by. Kiss your right to sue big business for malfeasance good by. Kiss any possibility of social justice or equality good by. We will once again become a nation of men not laws. Regular People will become peons to the richest ½ of 1%. We saw this in the Gilded Age of Victorian America; we lived through it again in post WWI America and the 20’s. Do we really want a repeat?

Obama foes, please reconsider your stand. Clinton haters, please tamp down your rage. Both of these candidates would be a million times better than John McCain. Our government is broken. It has been no accident. The wreckers are the movement conservatives that have taken over the Republican Party. John McCain is one of them; he hails from the very sate that gave birth to the Political father of movement conservatism; Barry Goldwater. John McCain is a true believer in Goldwater Republicanism. He will finish the great effort to scuttle the New Deal and the Progressive era reforms sending us back to Gilded Age America. For Middle Class, Middle Americans a vote for McCain is an act of political suicide. Put down the gun; vote for the Democratic nominee.
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