Saturday, April 12, 2008

For the love of all that is holy- Impeach the man.

The latest bomb-shell from ABC news just did not register with the general public. If it did there would be mobs of angry citizen converging on Washington with torches in hand and murder in their hearts. Maybe the general public is just too shell-shocked to take it in. Maybe they are too worried about the coming economic melt-down to worry about torture and abuse in foreign lands. Maybe they are too wrapped up in Big Brother house or Dancing with the Stars or American Idol to care that our nation has become a lawless state.

For those who do care Thursday’s revelation about the principals meeting was another punch in the gut. The very highest officers of the Executive Branch of the United States of America signed onto a regime of torture and abuse. Sometime in the spring of 2002 we literally decided to use Gestapo tactics to gain information from “High Value Targets” Decisions were made on the tactic and were micro-managed to the nth degree.

To cover this gross breach of tradition and law Justice Department lawyers were called into provide legal cover. Thanks to the likes of John Yu a “golden shield” was fabricated from suspect ideology. Simple put John Yu sees George W Bush as the Sun King; the state is W. In his role a commander in chief George W Bush is even more absolute than Louis XIV. Bush is the law; the constitution, the Geneva accords, the Magna Carta are just pieces of paper; they hold no sway over the Unitary Executive.

Not that this is any real surprise to people who saw those awful pictures from Abu Ghraib. Anyone who understands the Military Chain of command knows that Garner and England did not dream up all that depravity by their lonesome. No, they were trained to become sub-human. They were directed to those actions. Systematic abuse dose not happen in a vacuum, there has to be support for it from higher authority. The culture of abuse started all the way at the top of the civilian leadership. Of course when the cat jumped out of the bag, the lowly enlisted grunts were left holding that same bag. We now know that Specialist England was only a bit player in a drama written up by the Principals in Washington.

And what about those Principals, why are they still walking the streets free men and women? Lynndie Rana England served 521 days in the Miramar Brig for her role; meanwhile Rumsfeld and Powell enjoy easy lives and easier consciences. The only crimp in their gentile lives is they can not enjoy any European vacations. That is because those weak as soggy milk toast Frenchmen and Germans would arrest either one of them for war crimes if they were stupid enough to alight on the continent. Make no mistake, Powell, Rice, Cheney, Ashcroft, Rumsfeld, Tenant, Cheney and Bush are war criminals. The willfully and knowingly violated the Geneva accords. They used the Office Of Legal council as a Mafia type Consigulari to cover there tracks. They turned the government of the United States of America into a criminal racket.

Will the timorous and feckless Democratic “leadership” do anything now, now that this particular cat is now rubbing up against their leg? They have been studiously ignoring the other felines that have jumped out of Bush woodwork. Last we heard from Pelosi impeachment is still off the table. Got to love Nancy Pelosi; she is so consistent when it comes to avoiding her constitutional duty.

How do she and the Senator from Nevada manage it? How does Reid go to sleep at night knowing that Cheney and Bush are raping the republic? How can Pelosi keep ignoring the only tool she has to put a stop to Executive overreach? The framers of the constitution invented Impeachment for just this kind of scenario. It was a way to rid the republic of an overreaching, tyrannical, and imperial President. Bush and Cheney authorized torture, is that not a high enough crime or misdemeanor for you Madam Speaker? Not only did they authorize torture, Bush and Cheney delved into specific details of how that torture was carried out. Time after time the Principals delved into specific details with specific subjects on multiple occasions. This was a massive violation of the law and everything the USA stands for.

John Ashcroft allegedly said that history would not be kind to the Bush Administration. He was allegedly worried that the discussions about torture were even occurring at the Principals meeting. Madam Speaker do you think history will be any kinder to you and Harry Reid? It is no longer about the votes to convict; it is about getting the message out that Congress does not approve of lawlessness. It is about Congress drawing the line and holding the Executive Branch accountable. What is the point of being the first woman Speaker of the House if all you accomplish is relegating your branch of Government into meaninglessness? What is the honor in being just a rubber stamp for evil?

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