Thursday, April 17, 2008

Who is The Real Pinko?

In the two post below one at Obama Partisan Central (Huffington Post) and the Other at Clinton Berserker Central (No Quarter) we are treated to some pointless mudslinging by Partisans of the Senators. Can we please look at the facts.

When Ayers was blowing stuff up Barack Was six. Barack only knew the man as a fellow professor at the University of Chicago. The 9/11 quote by Ayers was reprehensible but it was not made in Barack's presence. And the $200 contribution? You have got to be kidding! Barack got much more money from Rezko. As a politician in a very liberal district in Chicago you are going to meet up and smooze with some odd characters. Lots of old radical leftist have slipped into community activism.
Clintonistas will not be happy until Ayers is publicly flogged by Barack, perhaps literally.

Ayers is an issue, along with Rev Wright. Once again Barack is getting tarred with his associates. The relationship with Wright is much more problematic because it spans so many years. Ayers is less so. In politics you have to build bridges with all sorts. Ayers was doing good work in Chicago and Barack was assisting that work. In the hermetically sealed, ultra-liberal, world where Ayers operated his past was not much of an issue. It would have been better if Ayers had done time for his actions; but that is so much water under the bridge. In the local venue that he operated in Ayers was a resource, someone who got things done, someone who organized, someone who could open doors. Just about any ambitious local pol would have chatted him up.

Shifting gears we come to Hillary's lost summer. If the Ayers kerfuffle is a thin reed to hang your opposition on what are we to make about Hillary's stay at Treuhaft, Walker and Bernstein? She was an summer intern at the firm. That means she was doing very low-level clerical work not setting policy. Somehow we are to believe that Hillary is now a sleeper cell of the COMINTERN because she provided on summer of work at that firm. Again, give me a break!

Lets look at her history. Hillary did start off as a very liberal Democrat. As she has aged she has drifted slowly to the right. She is now a centrist to slightly right-wing Democrat. On some issues she still has the old-time religion of liberalism. Her domestic agenda leans slightly left; her foreign policy agenda is rather hawkish. Again, just like Obama we have a person gravitating to a character because of what that other person is doing. Does Hillary really have to prove her anti-Communist bone fides? You can oppose someone's politics while still helping them in specific causes you agree with. Treuhaft, Walker and Bernstein where helping people of color, disadvantage people, poor people get a modicum of justice. That was a noble cause just like The Woods Foundation that Barack and Ayers were a part of.

Will we please get off of this nonsense? Can both candidates pivot away from these nasty memes and start hammering John Sidney McCain? Taylor Marsh, Ariana Huffington can you please stop hammering away at each other and start going after Mr. 100 years war? When some shill mentions Wright can Hillary please shift the arguement to John Hagee? When someone goes after Clintons war vote can Barack please shift over to McCain's "bomb Iran" song? When health care mandates come up please shift to McCain's utter failure to offer any solution to the problem of the uninsured. Both Hillary and Obama have to go after McCain. Hillary especially can really put the hurt on McCain, she can tear him down brick-by-brick. Obama can rip into him on ideas, on his old-style politics. How about a tag-team Senators? Hillary works the body while Barack pummels the head. Please anything other than this whiny 5 year child stuff that is passing for "debate" between the two of you..

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