Friday, May 2, 2008

Obama's Chick on the Side: Black America

Posted by Sugar at Sugar and Spice

He who blinded by ambition, raises himself to a position whence he cannot mount higher, must thereafter fall with the greatest loss."
--Niccolo Machiavelli

Thursday morning, it seemed, if even for a brief moment that radio host Tom Joyner's Obama fever started to break. In a post on his blog at Joyner stated:

The polls show that if Obama runs against McCain, it’s anybody’s guess who will win in November; right now they’re tied. The polls show that right now, Hillary is nine points ahead of McCain and has a better chance of winning in November than Obama does. Of course, that poll was taken before Rev. Jeremiah Wright threw up the Omega hooks.

Stay with me.

If Hillary becomes the presidential candidate and Obama is her running mate, the two of them have an excellent chance of beating McCain in November.

Click on the link above the read the full post to get the whole picture. Joyner took a chance posting those words. He's been an ardent Obama supporter and he's already witnessed the way his African-American listeners stepped on commentator Tavis Smiley's neck for daring to question Obama. True to form, they are now set to call Joyner an "Uncle Tom", no pun intended, for even remotely doing the same. The thing is, I don't agree with what Tom has suggested at all. I think Obama really is a cancer in the democratic party and he would be just as bad for Hillary as he is proving himself to be for other Democrats who are up for re-election this year. See one of the previous posts here and all over the web about the N.C. GOP's ad against the Democratic candidates for governor who have endorsed him.

As I read the comments in Joyner's blog post and read comments at other African-American sites in which so many continue to defend Obama despite his blatant disregard for our issues and in light of the way he so casually kicked Jeremiah Wright to the curb for political gain and the way he left all of those Black residents of Rezko's slum housing in the freezing cold, I had an epiphany--and one I'm not too happy about. Black America is acting like the proverbial "Chick on the Side"--willing to accept the crumbs that Obama tosses her way every now and then, willing to be used and abused, in "hope" that something will "change" about the dynamic of the relationship. He just "needs more time". Sound familiar? defines the "Chick on the Side" this way.:

1. chick on the side

1. The chick on the side is that girl or woman that gives you what you're lacking at home or with your current significant other (main chick).
The chick on the side's duties may include but are not limited to: wild kinky sex, letting you vent out frustrations you may not want to with your main chick, keeping a low profile, understanding that she is not the main chick and can be dropped at any time with no explanation, being on call even if she hasn't heard from her lover in weeks or months.

2. A woman you have good times with, but have no serious commitment to.

3. A woman who will never have her lover's full respect, time or attention. In short someone who needs a good slaying and lies to herself in saying "I'm gettin' mine...", yeah right. You're confused girl.

The thing is, the "chick on the side" always "hopes" this guy will one day make her the main squeeze, but he never does. He continues to go back to her bed, getting what he needs and then he slinks on off, back to his real woman. That's what Obama has been doing. Using Black America for votes, sliding through these cities and towns offering up sweet words, but not even actually bothering to make any empty promises to African-Americans. He plays on their emotions, tossing out words like "hoodwink" and "bamboozle"--you know, "buzz" words, but he hasn't promised them a dayum thing! That's just how slick he's been in getting Black America to drop it's panties. He just shows up and they come falling down! My God, even the most desperate woman makes a slick willie bring her some Mickey D's before she gets down on her knees to service him! Where has our dignity gone??? Surely, there was a time when we had more than this, or is Obama really a better pimp than Iceberg Slim????! Heed the warning Black America. You can't always get what you want. You get what you need...Check out the Rolling Stones below and make a donation to Hillary's campaign while there is still time to rid yourself of Obama the deadbeat. --SUGAR

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