Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Unconventional Wisdom About John Edwards

John Prince Edwards has come up again as a possible running mate for Barack Obama. This is both premature and more than a little silly. First off there is a woman running around who thinks she should be the nominee not Barack Obama. You might of heard of her in passing; hint she is the Junior Senator from New York; hint she was the former First Lady of the United States of America. She might have slipped your notice as the Moron Media has already declared her really, honestly, sincerely, finally, dead. The Corporate bully boys have burst into high frivolity, singing in their Munchkin voices "Ding Dong the Witch is dead.” But the woman in the pantsuit has not gotten the message yet and had the bad taste to thrash the Media's golden child in Wild, Wonderful, West Virginia. Worse yet she is about to deliver another embarrassing drubbing in Kentucky.

Which is worse, the drubbing or the silly spin that Barry would have been creamed even if she had stepped out of the race? The friends of Barry have even had the gall to spin his loss as a good thing since it would be better for him to loose badly to a Clinton who was actively running than to loose against a Clinton that was cooling her heals back in the Empire State. Guys, and we are talking mostly guys here, he got pounded in West Virginia; he going to get annihilated again in Kentucky; this is not a good thing. Can we at least ponder for a few seconds what loosing one swing state and one border state so badly in the primaries might mean in the General? (Addendum, see below, the drooling infotainment guys have even more cause to ignore this pesky question.)

Back to the main thrust. What is important here is whether John Prince Edwards even wants the V.P. slot in the first place. Some of you might have missed it because of Reverend Wright, Bittergate and the Tuzla two-step, but John has already demurred in the V.P. sweepstakes. As a matter of fact he has stated that he has no interest in serving in any capacity for either Hillary's or Barack's administration. Can we possibly take him at his word? Probably this will not happen because idiot pundits love tossing his name in the mix; even after he has stated his lack of interest in being in the mix.

There are plenty of reasons why Edwards would not be interested in the number two slot, especially if the nominee is Barack Obama. Right off the bat; Barack has insulted John Price Edwards. It is reported by the great Greek philosopher and political source Anon that Barack gave Edwards the brush off when he met him in North Carolina. Blind Obamabots will of course deny the particulars because Senator Hope comes off as an egotistical, arrogant, jerk in the story. The great unifier and new wave of the Democratic Party is said to have been dismissive to Edwards and even less courtly to his Wife. It is said that there is no love lost between Elizabeth and Barack especially when it comes to her core issue of health care. Unfortunately, this sounds right.

Barack's arrogance and professorial, detached air have gotten him in trouble before. His statements about HRC supporters’ being natural supporters of his candidacy was at best ill advised; never take any section of the voting public for granted. At worst he caused himself needless long term damage with a core Democratic constituency that he will have to mend. At least some women will never forgive him for that quote. At least some working class ethnics and white will never forgive him for that quote; ditto for Hispanics and others.

Compare and contrast Barack's aloof, detached and reserved meeting with Edwards to Hillary's. Hillary did a much better job of connecting with Edwards' core issues of economic and social justice. Hillary reached out to Edwards, she listened and connected to John. Barack on the other hand was cold and dismissive of John's concerns. Barack Hussein Obama gave John Prince Edwards the brush off. Want to know why Obama does so poorly with working class whites? Take a look at Edwards, see what happened here, Barack pushed him away. He insulted this working class hero. He squandered an easy endorsement because he couldn't be bothered to even feign engagement in Edwards' core issues. Bluntly put, Obama lost (correction delayed) Edwards' endorsement because he acted like a jackass.

Politicians have egos just like everyone else; as a matter of fact their egos are several sizes larger than most other people's egos. Politicians who run for President have egos several sizes larger than other politicians; it is a job requirement. Obama's alleged behavior must have really bruised Edwards’ ego. To gain Edwards consent to run in the second slot would mean that Obama would have to kiss and make up to Edwards in a particularly obsequious manner. Even if Obama were up to such displays of affection, Edwards might not return any affection back. (Correction- apparently Barack kissed up enough or political realities shifted enough for Barack to gain Edwards’ support. Only time will tell how full throated Edwards will be in his support.)

Strange as it may seem; Edwards really might have no interest in any slot other than the top of the ticket. After two consecutive losses he might not be all that willing to go for the brass ring a third time. Al Gore got slapped around twice, once as the candidate, twice when he backed Howard Dean. Please note that Big Al has been very quite about his preference in 2008. Like Big Al, John Edwards might find the job of party elder-party unifier to his liking. Don't discount Edwards as a bridge between the Clintonistas and the Obamabots.

Beyond the politics of 2008; it makes sense for Edwards to return to his roots. He can revitalize his One America foundation and maintain his core issues. One America is an excellent platform for serious NGO style activities. It really works well with the new media of the web. As a bottom up organization One America can have an impact on the issues John Edwards cares about.

The BBC just announced Edwards support of Obama

That hurts Edwards' prospects as a peace maker; and reinforces the black clouds around team Clinton. This is big; Hillary is getting a huge shove towards the exit by a major Democratic player. Yikes! John Prince Edwards has just squashed any good vibe coming from a Kentucky Clinton blowout. She was behind the power curve as it was, Edwards has taken all the oxygen out of an already hypoxic Clinton campaign. This is a leather lunged proposal to HRC to sit down and shut up. Sorry Clintonistas that is the only way to see this.

All the more reason that Edwards had better be out of the running of any slot in a Obama administration. Edwards will not now be a V.P. He is now in the same boat as Bill Richardson, a political Judas, if he goes for the second slot. Clintonistas will go ballistic if he gets the "Heartbeat away" slot. Even if he somehow gets the A.G. slot the Clintonistas will remember- the long knives will be out for Edwards if he does such a thing. This move only reinforces the notion that Edwards is not in play for a slot in an Obama Administration.

Back to the idea of Edwards as the leader of a grass roots movement for social and economic justice. Back to the organization called One America. This is perfect vehicle for keeping the Democratic President honest. This is especially true if that Democratic President is Barack Obama. As noted by Clinton partisans like Taylor Marsh, Barack is a very squishy Democrat. Ms. Marsh would argue that Obama is no Democrat at all. All the more reason for a grass roots progressive organization to push Barack hard when he strays from the true path. Who better than John Edwards to do such yeoman service? The son of a mill worker; the son of the South; the man with a true passion for the working class stiff and the lunch bucket crowd. He is the best voice for working class American in an Obama Presidency. Sorry Clintonistas, he has the more authentic blue collar credentials. Not to say HRC can't work the inside track like nobody's business- if she is so inclined; but Edwards is perfect in the role of outsider. He has less baggage than Hillary and less entanglements with special interests. He is in a better position to be the conscience of the Democratic Party. Who better to give voice to the voiceless? Barack has already once betrayed the disposed to the tender mercies of politically connected scum; he will do it again.

Edwards could make a real mark as a NGO leader and advocate. Remember folks, Martin Luther King managed to alter the United States without holding any public office. Edwards can build that type of moral authority. He can do for the working class what Al Gore did for global warming.
P.S. The post got sideswiped by the Edwards endorsement. Corrections have been added and some of the original ideas have been stricken out. As a matter of full disclosure the original text has been left in. When you're wrong, you're wrong and should own up to it.
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