Friday, June 6, 2008

Waiting for Saturday

On June 7th Hillary Rodham Clinton will make the speech of her life. She will have the spotlights shining on her from all directions, she will hold the Democratic Party’s prospects in her hands. Howard Dean put it forth succinctly: it matters how the second place finisher bows out.

Despite all the vitriol tossed at her and the lies propagated against her, Hillary remains at her core a stand-out. Do not judge the woman by some of her supporters. While some of her supporters have fallen into the trap of being rabidly anti-Obama, she has started to move toward supporting the Junior Senator from Illinois. Hillary Clinton is a good Democrat and understands the need to end the divisiveness. Hillary Clinton understands what a disaster for the Nation a John McCain presidency would be.

While not quite the stump speaker that Obama is, Hillary does have a better ability to speak off the cuff. She has shown real grit, real passion, and real dedication to the underdog. That kind, smart, dedicated, caring woman will show up on Saturday. That is the woman who will start closing the rift and apply a healing balm to the millions of disappointed voters who supported her.

Emotions are still raw with many voters; they are even rawer in the Blogosphere. The passion for Hillary is deep, wide, and heart-felt on many blogs and with many commentators. Only Hillary can smooth the ruffled feathers of these people. Only Hillary can talk these people off the ledge. Hers is the unity message that counts. Hers is the calm, reassuring voice that begins to heal the broken heart.

Does she have it in her? Yes, she does. The lady is a trooper. She has proved it time and time again. It will be a bittersweet moment, and it will be a class act all the way.

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