Tuesday, October 7, 2008

'Saracuda' Smiles While Baiting the Mob

By Taylor Marsh.

If Governor Palin was a man she’d never get away with the halting, rambling political tricks that have now become her stock in trade. If she were a man, her recent performances would get her yanked from the trail. But it seems because she’s a woman she gets a pass. What her fans are revealing should not.

Yesterday it was widely reported that someone at a McCain rally yelled "terrorist." Later, it was reported someone in one of Palin’s crowds yelled "kill him." Today we get the foundation of those Republican chants. It matters little that McCain can’t control his fans, while Sarah Palin doesn’t even try. It matters that Sarah Palin seems to enjoy baiting the mob.

Worse, Palin’s routine attacks on the media have begun to spill into ugliness. In Clearwater, arriving reporters were greeted with shouts and taunts by the crowd of about 3,000. Palin then went on to blame Katie Couric’s questions for her "less-than-successful interview with kinda mainstream media." At that, Palin supporters turned on reporters in the press area, waving thunder sticks and shouting abuse. Others hurled obscenities at a camera crew. One Palin supporter shouted a racial epithet at an African American sound man for a network and told him, "Sit down, boy."

"Treason" yelled another.

McCain-Palin is one YouTube clip away from a wash out. Their crowds seem to know she’ll do nothing about it, which is the same as inciting more.

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