Monday, December 29, 2008

The War On Chistmas Continues

Syracuse, New York (WSYR-TV) – Syracuse police say a man who refused to turn down his music early Christmas morning had to be tasered twice after struggling with police.

Police say they were called to the North Geddes Street apartment of Michael Prince, 23, at 2 a.m. on Christmas because he was playing his music too loud. Police asked him to turn it down, but the officers were sent back to the apartment for another loud music complaint about a half hour later.

The officers asked Prince to head out to the patrol car to the officer could write Prince a ticket; when Prince approached the car, police say he tried to run away.

Police say two officers struggled with Prince, and a third officer soon joined in; Prince managed to fight his way free and tried to run once again.

Police say officers then grabbed Prince and threw him to the ground, striking him several times as he continued to fight with police. Police used the taser on him twice in order to handcuff him.

Prince has been charged with resisting arrest and violating the city’s sound ordinance.
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