Thursday, April 16, 2009

Baptist Pastor Gets Beat Down By Thugs In Blue

Check out other UTubes from this Pastor. His Fourth Amendment absolutism probably did not make many friends with DHS employees. Thanks to Republican appointees to the Supreme Court DHS and other law enforcement are allowed to rummage into your car without much provocation and definitely without a warrant. Even though the good reverend does not come close to fitting the profile of a drug or people smuggler the cops have carte blache to harass him and toss his car basically on a whim. Instead of meekly conceding to the cops absurd if technically legal request to inspect his car the Precher became a royal pain in the posterior. The Cops of course totally over reacted acting like the pissy authoritarians they are. They finally snapped out of camera shot (or at least out of the Reverends camera shot) and put a beat down on the minister.

At the very least the DHS and Arizona law enforcement reacted in a very unprofessional manner to a civilian who was yanking their chain. At worst this was felony assault and battery under the color of law and a blatant civil rights violation. Both DHS and Arizona need to retrain their officers on use of force guidelines. Both need to dragged in to a civil tort court at the very least.
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