Monday, May 4, 2009

Taylor Marsh on the reality of the Republican Party

"Republicans just don’t do foreign policy very well."

Ms. Marsh digs under the myth of Don Renaldo, the Gipper, to show how the current situation in Afghanistan and Pakistan is a result of policies pursued by the Regan Administration in area in the salad days of Republican Anti-Communist gamesmanship. Once the Soviet Union collapsed there was no further use for the Taliban for Afghanistan itself as a pawn in the "Great Game" of Central Asia.

There is a deliberate irony in Taylor Marsh's words as the Elephant Party has run on its supposed superiority in foreign affairs since Nixon. Both Carter and Clinton were savaged for their naivete on international policy and their supposed weakness on National Security matters. For some reason Carter gets more abuse than Clinton even though Carter in total had more success than the man from Hope. What a difference a hostage crisis makes.

Regan on the other hand gets nothing but love because he was in office when the Soviet Union finally collapsed from it own contradiction. Pay no attention to Regan and Bush abandoning huge swaths of the world to their own devices. Pay no attention to the damage done to societies South of the border. Pay absolutely no attention to the blowback in places like Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, or Uruguay. The anti-American policies of both Osama Bin Laden and Hugo Chavez have their roots in the excesses of Regan's anti-Communist policies.
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