Monday, May 18, 2009

This little piggy is not going away quitely

Health experts fear H1N1 flu spread

The H1N1 flu virus is likely to keep spreading rapidly across the world, the World Health Organisation (WHO) has said.

"For the first time in humanity, we are seeing, or we may be seeing, pandemic influenza evolving in front of our eyes," Margaret Chan, the WHO director-general, told ministers and experts meeting in Geneva on Monday.

Delegates to the World Health Assembly are discussing ways to fight the virus with vaccines and drugs, as well as what would trigger the WHO to declare a full pandemic.

More at the News Site that Rush loves to hate Al Jazeera


H1N1 is ready for another tumble in the news spin cycle. From threat to flop and back again--all in the space of less than a month. If you want to know why the general public is so ill informed on simple questions of public health look no further than to how the Corporate Media treat the story of the "swine flu virus" or H1N1.
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