Friday, June 26, 2009

Clarence Thomas

Clarence Thomas was the first obvious indication that our political system was FUBAR.

Bush Sr. showed his true colors when he appointed Thomas to the bench. It was a deeply cynical move that played to identity politics. The threat was that if Thomas was not given the nod, the “black seat” on the Supreme Court would be vacated and filled by a less melanin enhanced replacement.

Thomas was a ladder kicker. He climbed the ladder of racial preference and then kicked it away when he got what he wanted. The man still uses racial politics to defend himself to this day.

If our Senate worked the way it was supposed to Thomas would have been laughed out of contention on day one. But Party loyalty and personal loyalty ruled the day. He had the support of big guns in the Senate, one of which was Arlan Specter. Still if only three more Democrats had not defected to the “Dark Side” we would not have to put up with the rantings of this deeply flawed Judge. Anita Hill was a window into the real man, a intellectually lazy, insensitive, rude man with a nasty self-absorbed demeanor. It is one of few time that skin tone reflects the nature of the man’s soul–black.
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