Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The New Jersey Mindset In A Nutshell

The wife of a 69-year-old former Main Line lawyer now holds the keys to his jail cell.

Dorothy "Dot" Mirarchi enjoyed a lavish lifestyle - including a nearly $2 million beach house, high-roller status at the Borgata casino in Atlantic City, and a Lexus - courtesy of her husband's thievery, authorities said.

In April 2008, she reportedly agreed to an unusual plea bargain to help repay part of the $1.32 million her husband, Ralph E. Mirarchi, admitted stealing from two clients, one of whom was left virtually penniless.

By agreeing to sell the couple's home in Berwyn and a four-bedroom home in Avalon, N.J., that was put in her name while the thefts were occurring, Dorothy Mirarchi could reduce her spouse's incarceration.

She apparently had a change of heart, and yesterday Chester County Court Judge Thomas G. Gavin sentenced Mirarchi to 41/4 to 81/2 years in prison.


The couple, married for 40 years, netted $500,000 when their Berwyn home sold last fall, profits that Dorothy Mirarchi used to pay off her Lexus instead of the victims..


Husband bilks clients for hundreds of thousands of dollars, gets collared and wife decides she is going to welch on the plea bargan deal so she can keep the Lexus. As for her beloved husband of forty years, nuts to him-- let him rot in jail. She is a typical Garden State Lass looking out for number one.
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