Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Taser Sets Man Alight

Taser-hit man burst into flames

A man in Western Australia was engulfed in flames when police officers fired a Taser stun gun at him.

Police say they used the Taser on Ronald Mitchell, 36, when he ran at them carrying a container of petrol and a cigarette lighter.

They said that Mr Mitchell, who lives in a remote Aboriginal community, had been sniffing petrol. They suggested the cigarette lighter started the fire.

Mr Mitchell is in a critical condition in hospital with third degree burns.

Bare hands

Western Australia Police say they went to the community of Warburton, about 1,500 km (950 miles) north-east of Perth, in response to a complaint.

They say they used the Taser on Mr Mitchell when he came out of the house and ran at them.

He burst into flames. One officer pushed him to the ground and smothered the fire with his bare hands, police said.

Mr Mitchell's sister told The Australian newspaper that her brother had been sniffing petrol.

"He must have put petrol on his face, then the policeman shot him with the Taser, that's when the flames happened," she said.

Source BBC News


OK lets do a quick review, electrical spark plus flamibale liquid equals a very bad idea.

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