Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Does The Obama Administration Have ANY Learning Curve What So Ever?

Israel is close to reaching a deal with the United States that will accommodate the so-called "natural growth" of settlements in the Israeli-occupied Palestinian territories, the Israeli ambassador to Washington has told Al Jazeera.

Michael Oren said on Tuesday that the US had agreed with Israel to a temporary halt to settlement building activity in the Palestinian West Bank and East Jerusalem, rather than a total freeze.

"The agreement was a time-limited halt - or a pause, if you will - to the settlement construction, that would allow for a certain amount of what we would call 'certain life growth' in the territories," Oren said.


Sometimes the only option for Analysis viz the Mid East is total despair. To limit a Likud government to "natural growth" viz the settlement is to impose no limits at all. This is a favorite con of Likud governments going all the way back to Menachem Begin. It is a loophole that the Israeli government will drive untold number of moving vans through. Sweet Baby Jesus on a Pogo Stick what is Obama thinking?
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