Saturday, November 7, 2009

Lawyers Guns And Money

Money quote from Bloomburg ( )  about the Fort Hood Shooting “General Will Grimsley, deputy commander of III Corps, said Hasan fired only one weapon, a Belgian-make semi-automatic machine pistol with an extended magazine. He said Hasan reloaded and fired more than 100 rounds. Investigators are still finding shell casings, he said.
Hasan also carried a .357 magnum handgun but apparently didn’t fire it, Grimsley said.
Weapon Ownership
Rossi, at his press conference last night, said the weapons weren’t issued by the military. They were owned by Hasan and bought locally.”
This tragedy got a big assist from our gun-crazy culture. A culture that can not ask the common sense question “why would anyone ‘need’ a semi-automatic machine pistol?” or “exactly what is the point of a civilian having that kind of fire-power?” The good doctor was casually allowed to purchase an offensive weapon. The only screening for the purchase was “cash or charge?”
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