Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Not So Secret Life of Tiger Woods

Spot on discussion Ms Marsh, especially about the soon to be former Mrs. Sanford. Marriage is nothing if it is not about trust. Both Mr. Woods and Gov. Sanford violated that bond. Both mens’ epic narcissism violated the agreement that every committed couple make, that each partner will dedicate themselves to the other person, that a relationship is about we not me.

From burning that particular bridge it is only a hop, skip and a jump to other forms of betrayal.

Tiger’s fall from grace is of no particular surprise. He is a mega celebrity, gone from home for long parts of the year with a constant supply of willing partners. It would take a will of iron not to stray.

It is an odd type of life when marriage to a S.I. swimsuit model is not enough; a deep dark mystery to us mere plebeians. Still, there is ample evidence in the gossip press to indicate that even the most exulted among us have issues with getting satisfaction. Whatever we have it’s never enough, at least for some of us.
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