Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Ok, This Is Seriously Weird.

Lawyer in YouTube murder plot video hired his own assassins – UN

It was the murder that spawned a macabre YouTube sensation and threatened to ­topple Guatemala's government.

Hitmen shot dead Rodrigo Rosenberg, a lawyer, in Guatemala City soon after he recorded a sombre video blaming his imminent assassination on President Ålvaro Colom and other senior officials.

The 18-minute testimonial – which surfaced at the funeral – was uploaded to the internet and triggered a political hurricane in the central American country. Now, in a bizarre twist, it is alleged Rosenberg masterminded his own murder to frame the president. A UN investigation has concluded the lawyer, depressed over personal problems and angry with the government, sacrificed his own life in an elaborate sting.

"Who planned the act? We have to conclude that it was Rodrigo Rosenberg himself," Carlos Castresana, head of the UN commission, told a stunned country . "He decided to sacrifice his life in exchange for a change in the country. There can be no other explanation."


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The kicker is the plot failed to work. This proves one more time that there is no substitute for grass roots organizing.