Monday, January 18, 2010

Well Then, That Makes It All Better, Dosen't It?

Cruise company to donate sun loungers to Haiti makeshift hospital Second luxury liner docks at Labadee beach as company continues to use resort near earthquake zone.

An American cruise company that is continuing to deliver tourists to a private beach less than 100 miles from Port-au-Prince yesterday said it would donate spare sun loungers and beach furniture to a makeshift hospital for victims of the earthquake.

A second ship with tourists arrived at Labadee beach yesterday on Royal Caribbean's Navigator of the Seas as the cruise company sought to head off criticism that its decision to continue using the resort was insensitive.

John Weis, the company's associate vice president, said emergency food supplies delivered by another cruise liner, Independence of the Seas, on Friday have now been distributed and that more deliveries are planned for the rest of the week.


Sweet Baby Jesus on a Pogo Stick! Will someone please knock some common sense and humanity into these Corporatist drones.