Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Who gets the profits from the John Edwards sex tape? |

McClatchy: "HILLSBOROUGH -- Lawyers for Rielle Hunter were in court today arguing that she should have access to any profits made by Andrew Young from a sex tape of her with former presidential candidate John Edwards.

Wade Barber, one of a team of lawyers for Hunter, argued that Young should not be able to profit from wrongly acquiring 'a very private video tape of hers.' 'The law does not allow one to profit from his wrong,' Barber said."


I know, I Know, Pick Me!! How about "no one?" Can we do that? Can absolutely no one profit from this bit of slime? How about the profits go to a battered woman's shelter or for breast cancer research?

One more thing. Can Mr. Young and Ms. Hunter and Mr. John Edwards and the former Mrs. Edward fall into a very deep hole and then be covered with copious quantities of dirt? Could that then be topped with hundreds of tons of rock and then sealed with concrete? Pretty please, with sugar on top?

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