Tuesday, September 28, 2010

What The, what the?

That new Rasmussen poll, showing Jim DeMint beating up on Alvin Greene, 64%/21%, also shows South Carolinians approving of the job Mark Sanford is doing by a substantial margin, 55%/43%.

In an interview with the WSJ last week, Sanford refused to rule out a return to elective politics. It's hard to imagine him having any shot at a '12 nomination now, but here's a thought: a run against Lindsey Graham in the 2014 GOP primary.


Apparently going off on an ill advised trist with a South American hottie, then lying about it to your wife plus the media is pur political gold in South Carolina politics. Bonus points for the messy, ugly, hideous, slow motion divorce.

One does wonder who his campaign manager will be in 2014 as the good governor did manage  to burn the bridge with his last major domo, you know the wife of his five boys. Maybe his Argentinean flame has the chops to run a political campaign in the Palmetto state. 
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