Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Whitman won’t tell us what she really believes

Whitman won’t tell us what she really believes
Posted at 09:07 PM on Saturday, Oct. 02, 2010
By Bill McEwen / The Fresno Bee
Whitman won’t tell us what she really believes. She had to veer to the far right to win the GOP primary. And, while Whitman has tried to steer to the middle for the general election, she can’t push too far without dousing the enthusiasm of Republican voters.
So, she’s stuck saying one thing in Spanish ads and something else in English ads.
Now, because she once employed illegal immigrant Nicandra Diaz Santillan, more people — especially Latinos — are figuring out that what she says about immigration is inconsistent at best, nonsensical at worst.
Saturday’s debate at Fresno State was supposed to be a victory for Whitman. It was the location (the conservative Central Valley) and network (Spanish-language Univision) that she wanted. It was her chance to add Latino voters, who traditionally favor Democrats, to her ledger.
Brown, who has no new ideas, easily beat her by pounding her on immigration.
And that dear reader is the Republican dilemma in the Golden State. Immigrant bashing works in the Redneck backwaters of the South, the beating heart of the national Republican Party; but it is the kiss of death in the first all-minority state of the union : California. Latinos make up 21% of the electorate in the land of fruits and nuts, and you disrespect them at your peril.
This is the curse of Pete Wilson, this is why California is such a deep blue color. The Republicans rode the wave of immigrant bashing in the 90’s in CA only to die a very ugly death at turn of the new millennium. The Elephants are so very dead for at least a generation in Cali. ; perhaps longer. As long as the TEA Party types and the nativists have a strangle hold on the primary process in the Republican Party in California, the Golden State will remain a one-party political entity. Say hello to the return of Governor Moonbeam and pass the Maalox please.
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