Sunday, October 17, 2010

Who will inherit Arnold Schwarzenegger's poison chalice?

Who will inherit Arnold Schwarzenegger’s poison chalice?

The candidates fighting to become governor of California were faced with an unusual sight when they met last week for their final pre-election debate.

Moderating between the Democrat Jerry Brown, a liberal dubbed “Governor Moonbeam” when he held the position in the 1970s, and the Republican Meg Whitman, a former Silicon Valley chief executive, was an injured debate host, Tom Brokaw.

Brokaw, one of America’s most famous TV newsmen, had broken his ankle and he hobbled on stage on crutches. He could not resist comparing his condition with that of California. “We’re both broken at the moment,” he said. “The difference is that I hope to be repaired before the beginning of the year.”


The California Dream has become a nightmare. I’m surprised anyone would want the job of Governor. Good bet for anyone who likes to play the odds: whoever wins will be a one term governor. The political and economic landscape is toxic. The state is broke, Sacramento is in permanent gridlock, and the natives are very restless.

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