Tuesday, December 21, 2010

New funds will double length of California high-speed rail line

| McClatchy

An extra $616 million in federal funds from Ohio and Wisconsin will be used to extend the initial construction of California's high-speed rail line, creating a 120-mile segment that will link two of the Central Valley's largest cities, Fresno and Bakersfield, according to a vote Monday by the state's High-Speed Rail Authority board


The money taken from Ohio and Wisconsin, after newly elected Republican governors in those states declined federal stimulus funds for high-speed rail, will be matched dollar-for-dollar by California with money from Proposition 1A, a 2008 bond measure, to bring the total amount available for the initial construction to about $5.5 billion.
Rail Authority vice chairman Tom Umberg described the latest infusion of cash as "an early Christmas present" to California from Ohio and Wisconsin

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With the unemployment rate pegged at 12%, and then some, California needs all the help it can get. An extra 1/2 billion dollars tossed in the kitty is very good news. Thank you free market ideologues of Ohio and Wisconsin. Thank you troglodyte Republican Party. We will take the $616 Million with pleasure.
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