Sunday, March 6, 2011

Messages From Right-Wing Cloud Cuckoo Land

" Am told that the Obama administration hesitates to speak against Qaddafi because of the long-established connection between Tripoli and radical elements in Chicago. Am told that POTUS is unsure how hard he can press Qaddafi without alienating POTUS’s own Chicago radical supporters."


This is a new low at Leisure Suite Larry's house of horrors,  No Quarter. Other than posting at Obama Derangement Central I have no idea who this John Batchlor is. But to post this bit of bile is really beyond the pale.

You are told Mr. Batchlor? By whom? The voices in your head? The sock puppet that is your only friend? Let me buy you a clue, there are no Chicago radicals that you speak of. They are a figment of your deranged, warped mind. No one in Chicago gives a happy rat-fuck about preserving Gaddafi's reign of misrule. By posting that last sentence in your article you proved yourself to be a totally un-serious person. You proved yourself the be a conspiracy-mongering, paranoid right-wing whack-a-loon. You proved yourself to have all the emotional maturity of a thumb-sucking toddler in mid tantrum. In short you fit right in with all the other emotional and intelectual  midgets that infest Larry Johnson's parallel universe. You sir are a total tool.
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