Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Korean Crucifies Himself. Not safe for Work nor Mealtime.

South Korean found dead in 'crucifixion recreation'

A South Korean taxi driver found dead with his body nailed to a cross in an apparent re-creation of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ probably carried out the ordeal on his own as a suicide, police have said.

The 58-year-old man was wearing only underwear and a crown of thorns, his hands and feet nailed to the cross, a stab wound on his abdomen and nylon strings tied around his neck when he was found 1 May – one week after Easter – in an abandoned stone quarry in the country's south.

After days of investigation, police said they believe the man, surnamed Kim,took his own life without any assistance.


Source : The Guardian UK

But wait, there is more:

Officials re-enacted some elements of the crucifixion and concluded that an adult male could perform the act on his own, the agency said.


I never thought that anyone coud out-weird the Filipinos who crucify themselves on Easter morning, sometimes over multiple years, but this Korean managed it. The gentleman went for the full experience.
As  the Gardian put it, ever so delicately "The man was a devout Christian, and police speculated that his "deep religious faith" may have helped him endure "immense pain"."  The man in question left notes and authorities speculate that he planned this suicide for some time.

It must have hard on the person or persons who first discovered this man's dead and crucified body in an abandoned rock quarry. Once a person gets over the initial shock, how do you get the police to take your report seriously? That question is going to be rattling around in my head for at least the rest of the day; that and how did the Korean authorities "reenacted" some of the details.  

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