Monday, November 21, 2011

Israel Becomes A Little More Like It's Neighbors.

Israel shuts down dovish radio station

JERUSALEM — Israel has ordered the shutdown of a dovish Israeli-Palestinian radio station, officials and the station’s operators said on Sunday.

The station and other critics said the move was politically motivated, and part of a broader assault on democracy by conservative forces in the government.

Some members of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s coalition have pushed forward a series of measures recently that critics say are aimed at stifling opponents.

Among the proposed legislation are attempts to block most foreign funding for dovish nonprofit groups, lowering the threshold for politicians to file libel suits against the media, and a push to shift control of Supreme Court appointments from an independent panel to parliament.< Conservative lawmaker Danny Danon boasted that he had helped close the "All for Peace" radio station. Danon, a member of Netanyahu’s Likud Party, claimed the Communications Ministry shuttered the station at his request, after he claimed it "incited" against Israel.


Odd that the citizens of Arab nations are desperately attempting to gain the very rights the Israelis are now frittering away. The right of free speech is part of the bedrock foundation of any democracy worth the name. Israel became a little less democratic with this move by the Likud Party.  Netanyahu pandering to the Greater Israel is make that nation smaller and pettier by the day.
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