Friday, November 11, 2011

Obama And The Middle Class

“[Obama is a] man who seeks consensus, instead of molding it through leadership, because he doesn’t know how to stand up for the middle class, ” Taylor Marsh
Close, but not really Ms. Marsh, it is actually worse than that. He does not care at all about the Middle Class. They are just an interesting artifact, a fascinating tribe to him. Remember Pennsylvania? I do, that was an unguarded moment; the real Obama among his own people: the chattering class. He viewed the good middle class people of PA the same way his mom would view a stone age tribe in Papua New Guinea.
There they are, those poor benighted souls, poor dears, clinging to their guns and their bibles. Don’t they know that have adjust to the new economic realities; all the really clever people agree on this. And of course Obama is clever, he is wicked smart; he absolutely needs validation on that one point. He needs it from the establishment that he desperately wants to be a part of.
The middle classes are of no use to a amoral social climber like Barack Hussain Obama. They are of no use to a man who only wants the regard of the elites; and to become one of them.
Obama will not fight for the Middle Class because mentally he was never part of them. He is not hostile to them, he is not the bugbear Kenyan, Marxist-Leninist, Islamist, Anti-Colonalist, American Hating, Loony-Left, Radical, Militant Black, Bed Wetting Pinko the Right claims. He does not hate the middle class; he is just indifferent to them. He panders to them as a route to power and prestige.
But do not be confused, Obama will sell out the middle class in a New York minute; he will betray the foundational values of the New Deal, Fair Deal, Great Society Democratic Party. He will do it because that is the false consensus of the DC elite; that is the “compromise” that needs to done.  Our lives get compromised, our needs get compromised , our dreams get compromised. That is the Obama compromise; never forget it.
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