Monday, December 5, 2011

A Little Argy Bargy On The Taylor Marsh Site On The Subject Of Herman Cain

In all seriousness, I feel like this needs to be said about Herman Cain.
He was never a serious contender to be commander in chief.  Bill Clinton had similar issues and handled them without wavering.  Yes the media picks and chooses their favorites, but never allow that to stop you.  Ask Hillary.  And then there is the Lybia issue… well it speaks for itself.
Cain was not a politician, never held elected office and he surprisingly rose to the top as a Black Conservative without using his race and the push of the Washington elite and the media.  It’s what he did when he got to the top that disqualified him as a presidential candidate.
In a funny way, he broke the ceiling for Black Conservatives and for that I am glad.  However, he should have been reading Hillary Clinton’s playbook and given voice to Black Conservatives.  Cain failed again
You could not be more wrong about Herman Cain if you tried Sasha. The man was a clown. He only got the gig because of his race. If this fool was a Caucasian, he would have been laughed out of the room when he tried to run.
But the Herminator was given all sorts of deference because he was that rarest of species, a Conservative Black Republican.   Trust me, there is no “ceiling” for a Black Conservative, they are missing because they are very thin on the ground. At no more than ten percent of a community that is about 12% of the population you are talking a very small contingent indeed. Then you have to whittle down that number to the few who can swallow the TEA Party ideology whole and voila, Mr. Cain, plus very few others are up for consideration.
While Cain’s happy pants were the proximate cause of his demise, the real issue with Herman was that he was  not, in any way, shape, or form ready for prime time. He totally lacked any credibility as a serious candidate. Once you got past the enormous ego, it was obvious that the man had not done one jot of thinking about policy. His nine, nine, nine proposal was garbage. His pandering to natavists was appalling. He had no foreign policy chops worth considering. He was belligerently ignorant, and proud of it. His flail and fail on Libya was ghastly, proof positive that this was a man you could not trust with a nerf football, never mind the nuclear football.
To compare this dilettante, Herman Cain, with the Big Dog is an enormous insult to Team Clinton. Bill may have been loose with woman, but he was concentrated as a laser beam when politics came to the fore. He beat Newt Gingrich like a rented mule in the twilight of his presidency, and left office with sky-high approval ratings.  Cain, on the other hand, could never get out of the way of his big fat mouth. It was certainly not the media’s fault that Herman had no discipline to speak of, and his campaign was run by rank amateurs.  The media was handing out all sorts of get out of jail cards to Cain, right up to the revelation of the thirteen year affair.
Cain was never a serious candidate, not in million years. He just took the Republican Party, and much of the media, on pointless ride. The campaign was nothing more than a way to plug his book and stoke his ego. Well, mission accomplished there. He can now get fat, dumb, and happy on the residuals and the speaking fees.  This run was always about one thing, and one man– Herman Cain. The man does not give a tinker’s damn about anything else. He might have set back the cause, if there really is one, of Black Conservatives a generation. Each and every one of that small coterie will now have to prove he or she is no Herman Cain.

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