Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Stupid, It Burns! New Age Idiocy Division

[H]ere’s the deal with Braco. He’s a messianic New Age con artist from Croatia. Get this:
He “gazes.” That’s it. He just drifts out on stage, looks at the audience for a couple of minutes, then scrams. The end. Fin. Fade to black. Followers flock to him and throw money. Why?
“He only offers a gift to people through his silent gaze, without words or teachings, allowing people’s own reported experiences of transformative changes – in their lives, relationships, careers, finances and health – to define his work.” — Braco’s website
His ‘work’! Do you fully comprehend the awesomeness of this Braco tool? He doesn’t do shit! He doesn’t have to learn English. He doesn’t have to memorize a bunch of polyester New Age platitudes. He doesn’t have to allude to ancient texts. He doesn’t have to do yoga. He doesn’t even have to touch any sick people. He only has to eyeball’em for 5 minutes and then float silently away. Mass hysteria does the rest.


This scam is a work of such extraordinary beauty and criminal genius it brings a tear to my jaundiced eye. Compare it, for instance, to the overly complex, gaudy, and commercialized Osama bin Laden lookalike, Osho®.



The only explanation I can offer for this bit of Baby Boomer foolishness is that many of that generation took far too many (and often, too much) mind altering drugs.

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H/T To "Twisty" mistress of all she surveys at I Blame The Patriarchy for delving here, so I did not have to. 

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